New Contract at Tersan Shipyard, Turkey

XTronica has achieved order for AirPurge Level Gauging System hull no. 1096 at Tersan Shipyard, Turkey

AirPurge System includes:

Cabinet with Power supply, PLC, IO, Valve manifolds and Air supply equipment.
Graphic Color Backup touch display 10”.
Volume calculation, correction for Trim-List.
Communication Modbus/RTU against the monitoring system, IAS.

AirPurge measuring points including:

  • 37 pcs tanks with double measuring points
  • 30 pcs tanks with single measuring points
  • including:
    • Ballast tanks.
    • Service tanks.
    • Fuel oil tanks.
    • And Draft
    • and Non-return valves
  • Local level gauges XTSG10
  • Bilge switches

Yard: Tersan Shipyard, Turkey
New build: 1096
Vessel design & type: 108 m Factory Freezer Trawler

Delivery start in the 1st quarter of 2020. Check out the Air Purge system pages.